We represent just over 39,000 workers from 34 sectors in more than 600 facilities across the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Puerto Rico.

The USW represents approximately 50,000 Healthcare workers. You can find around 3,100 here in District 4.

Our members work in almost every type of position. They are registered nurses; professional, technical and support employees of hospitals, nursing homes and other community health centers; environmental service workers; hospice care providers; public health workers; pharmaceutical mail order supply; and work in home health services.

The USW represents over 90,000 members in the paper sector with over 7,800 them here in District 4.

Our members work in box shops and facilities that are involved in packaging. They also work in specialty grades, coated and fine papers, tissue, food products and envelopes. They work as corrugator operators, die mounter/cutters, starchers, winder operators, back tenders, coater operators, boiler operators, beater room engineers and other maintenance positions.

The USW represents nearly 13,500 public sector workers. District 4 has over 3,800 public sector union members.

Our members provide crucial services to help keep their communities running. They are utility workers, sherrifs, parks and recreation staff, library workers, city clerks, clerical support, EMS workers and probation officers. They also work in school cafeterias and drive school buses.

The USW is the largest industrial union in North America with a heavy presence in Manufacturing. Here in District 4 the large majority of our members work in manufacturing settings.

Our members manufacture so much more than steel. They manufacture glass and cement for commercial and consumer use. They make Cutco and Utica kitchen utensils and products for companies like Corning. They make building materials, plumbing fixtures, automotive parts, safety equipment, containers, cabinetry, furniture, mattresses, food and drinks, cleaning equipment, windows and doors, candles, holiday lights and much more.